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BOND ARMS Bond Ranger

Edited: 2010-01-07 11:24:19 | Category: News

The Bond Ranger has a longer 4 ? ? barrel (versus the 3 to 3 ?? barrel on other models)


Thissnub longer barreled handgun provides tighter shot patterns, higher velocities, and even more manageable recoil than the original Bond Arms models. Original models like the Snake Slayer, Cowboy Defender, Texas Defender and Century 2000 with their 3 to 3 ½” barrels allowed you to shoot a 45 Colt or 2 ½” .410 shot shell. The new Ranger with its 4 ¼” barrel allows you to shoot a 3” .410 shot shell as well, providing you with even more firepower. The Ranger will accept all the extra interchangeable barrels, allowing you to shoot several different calibers of ammunition with the same gun. It also has an extended grip for added comfort. MSRP is $499.00. For more information on Bond Arms, visit

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